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Authorized center nº 28080426 Consejería de Educación - Comunidad de Madrid

Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training

About us

The Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training is an Advanced Vocational Training Center designed to facilitate access to the world of work and/or university, offering excellent and international specializations that allow students to achieve their professional goals sooner.

Take advantage of studying Vocational Training at Nebrija. Benefit from the quality of the studies and the synergies and agreements with the best companies in order to advance accelerate your entrance into the labor market.

Why should you study with us?

Live an authentic Nebrija Experience and benefit from the advantages and services of the University. In addition, by studying an Advanced Training Program at Nebrija, you will be able to access the University Bachelor's Degrees and validate part of your studies. Request more information about admission to University Bachelor's Degrees and recognition of ECTS credits..
The Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training offers students its experience in Higher Education, providing them with the services offered by the University, such as participating in masterclasses.
Classes are taught in the center of Madrid, on the Princesa Campus of Nebrija University. in a building of more than 2,600 m2, whose classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies. Located in the Chamberí district, on Calle Joaquín María López, 62, its strategic location, next to the Islas Filipinas and Moncloa metro stations, make it a very well-connected center.
  • Eminently practical, thanks to immersive and experiential learning.
  • Project-based methodology.
  • Intermodular projects.
  • Hybrid environment: disruptive classroom.
  • Activities: visits to companies, workshops, contests, etc.
  • Continuous evaluation.
The teaching staff is made up of active professionals with extensive work and teaching experience, who are authorized by the Ministry of Education and Research to teach Advanced Vocational Training Programs.
Center authorized by the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid with authorization code No. 28080426.
We offer official examinations in our center to obtain the Official Degree.
In the second year of the Advanced Training Program, students take the Work Center Training module (WCT), with a duration of 370 hours. The face-to-face internships are provided by the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training in the most representative companies in the sector.
You can carry out your internship abroad with an Erasmus+ scholarship if you wish. In addition, students from more than 30 countries share this University Campus with Spanish students in an environment that invites them to interact and connect with each other.
Learn about our international mobility office

Advantages of studying an Advance Training Program at the Nebrija Institute

Experts in higher education

Our educational model, which is based on quality teaching and relationships with companies, on facilitating employability, orientation towards the profession, and the strong commitment of teachers with extensive experience and training to face the renewed educational and pedagogical challenges, are only some of the differential values of studying vocational training at Nebrija.

Adapted to the new legislation

The new Law on Vocational Training establishes the collaboration between Vocational Training Centers and Universities, allowing the incorporation of complements into the Advanced Vocational Training Programs in order to facilitate the establishment of itineraries that recognize the training previously acquired, in both directions.
Ask us about how to validate your vocational training credits.

With educational values

We are an independent and free institution that offers quality and practical training with a personalized teaching system, international outlook and applied research.

Professional orientation

Technical VT studies, both advanced training programs degrees and vocational training master's degrees, cover specific contents that are completed with practical application and high professional training.

Academic future

We will be able to guide you and offer you a complete training itinerary if you want to continue with your studies to take a VT Master's degree or a University Bachelor's Degree.

Focused on the student

More than 12,000 students from all over the world take one of the official higher education degrees offered by Nebrija every year.

And also… live your own Nebrija experience and benefit from the University's services

Sports clubs

Participate as a Nebrija student in the physical or sports activities offered by the University Sports Service to students.

International mobility

Enjoy the experience of a mobility period in a country and environment different from yours, with its corresponding academic recognition.

Psychopedagogical Orientation

If you wish, you will have comprehensive and individualized counsel to promote your academic, personal and professional performance.

Languages Classroom

Learn languages and prepare for various accreditation tests while studying your Advanced Vocational Training Degree.


All the information and documentation of the University Library at your fingertips regardless of where you are studying in Nebrija.


We have university residences and student housing in the center of Madrid and connected to all campuses.


At the end of your Advanced Training Program, you will be able to be part of the Nebrija University alumni community.

What is an Advanced Vocational Training Program?

Vocational Training is an educational itinerary in which one is trained to work in a professional activity in a qualified manner, and that includes an internship period in a real work environment.

Three levels are established for Vocational Training programs based on the professional qualification achieved at the end of the studies, the Advanced Training Programs are level 3.

Each training program is divided into two academic years, with a total duration of 2000 hours of training. At the end of the second year, the student completes the face-to-face internship in a company (Work Center Training module), together with the Final Project.

Advantages of Vocational Training

  • Vocational Training is characterized by being specialized, accessible, practical and agile education, which means that it can be adapted more quickly to the demands of the labor market.
  • Its high and growing employability: 41.3% of job offers in Spain require a Vocational Training (VT) qualification, a percentage that has grown from the previous year and makes it the most demanded type of education in Spain, above university degrees, as stated in the Infoempleo Adecco Report: Employment supply and demand in Spain 2020. .
  • Allows the student to design their own educational and life itinerary. After two years of training, you can decide in which area you want to specialize, if you want to start working now or continue your studies by completing a double degree, a Specialization Course (VT Master's degree) and/or a University Bachelor's Degree, and be able to validate part of the studies throughout the process.
  • Nearly 10% of new students at Spanish Universities come from VT.
  • Forecasts for Spain in 2025 identify that 49% of jobs will require an intermediate qualification of Technician or Senior Technical Officer, which are obtained through Vocational Training.
  • The number of VT students has doubled in the last ten years.

What is a VT Master’s degree?

The Vocational Training specialization Programs or Courses are complementary studies that allow you to broaden your competences and CV if you already have a Vocational Training degree, in addition, they facilitate lifelong learning, delving into your field of knowledge.

These Vocational Training Master's Degrees will help you increase your chances of entering the working world, or improve the conditions in your job.

Advantages of obtaining a Vocational Training Master's Degree at Nebrija

  • They allow you to differentiate your CV from the rest of the candidates, thanks to specialization and obtaining the professional skills that the labor market currently demands.
  • You can diversify your options and delve into specific sectors related or not to your previous studies.
  • They complete the most standardized education of the advanced VT programs.
  • Its different modalities and formats allow you to specialize while you work.
  • Update your knowledge. If you have a long-standing Senior Technical Officer degree, a specialization program will help you adapt and update your knowledge.

Where are we located?

The advanced Vocational Training programs of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training are taught in the center of Madrid, in the Joaquín María López Building, which belongs to the Princesa Campus of Nebrija University..

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