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Admission and Scholarships Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training

Admission requirements

You can access an Intermediate Vocational Training Program if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • Graduate of Compulsory Secondary Education
  • Basic Technician
  • Technician
  • Assistant Technician
  • Higher baccalaureate degree (educational programs prior to Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3).
  • Possess equivalent qualifications for access to advanced vocational training programs
  • Estar en posesión de cualquier Titulación Universitaria o equivalente.
  • Have successfully completed any of the following:
  • Have successfully completed any of the following:
  • A Grade C training program included in the vocational training program (subject to pending regulatory approval: as of today this access route is not possible)
  • A specific and free preparatory training course for access to intermediate vocational training programs in centers expressly authorized by the educational Administration
  • An admission test
  • 2nd year of the first experimental program of secondary education reform
  • 3rd year of the 1963 plan or 2nd year of experimental program in the teachings of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts
  • 2nd year of BUP (Unified and Versatile Baccalaureate) up to a maximum of 2 pending subjects
  • Other studies or training courses declared equivalent for academic purposes to any of the above

You can access an Advanced Vocational Training Program if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • Hold a Baccalaureate Degree or certificate confirming completion of all Baccalaureate subjects. Baccalaureate degree of foreign students may require homologation.
  • Completion of the second year of any experimental Baccalaureate program.
  • Hold a Technical Degree (Intermediate Level Vocational Training). Validation of modules may be available.
  • Hold of a Higher Technician, Specialist Technician Degree, or equivalent for academic purposes. Validation of modules may be available.
  • Hold a Military Technician degree from the Armed Forces.
  • Completion of the University Preparation Courses (COU).
  • Hold any University Degree or equivalent.
  • Pass the admission test for Advanced Vocational Training Programs (applicants must be at least 19 years old in the year of the test, or 18 for those holding a Technician title).
  • Pass the University entrance test for individuals over 25 years old.
  • EvAU - EBAU (University Access Examination) is not necessary.

You can access a Specialization Course when you meet any of the following requirements:

You must possess one of the following qualifications: Technician or Advanced Technician, as specified in the basic regulations that establish the specialization course and its curriculum fundamentals.

  • Alternatively, you may hold the degree of Technician, Specialist Technician, Advanced Technician, or an equivalent qualification, as determined for academic purposes related to the qualification specified in the specialization course.

If you do not possess the aforementioned qualification, but there are available spots and the competent administration allows it (up to a maximum of 20% of the spots), you may access if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • If you hold a Technician or Advanced Vocational Training Technician diploma different from those required for admission and can demonstrate experience in the professional field associated with the course.
  • If you possess a Technical or Advanced Technical Vocational Training diploma other than those required for admission and can demonstrate sufficient prior knowledge through a competency assessment, personal interview, letter of intent, resume, or work experience.
  • If you lack a vocational training diploma but can demonstrate prior knowledge ensuring your competence to successfully undertake the specialization course, through a competency assessment, personal interview, resume, or work experience. Upon completion, you will receive an academic certificate of achievement replacing the Specialist diploma (for Intermediate Level courses) or the Master's in Vocational Training diploma (for Advanced Level courses).

This access route will only be possible if so determined by the corresponding Autonomous Community in its call.

The Programs of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training will allow you to reach the labor market faster.

Academic year 2024-2025

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Admission Process

Step 1

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Step 2

Complete self-enrollment

  • If you still do not have your link, request it through any of the means shown in Step 1.

Step 3

Choose the modules to study

  • Follow the steps in the Self-enrollment platform, it's very simple.

Step 4


  • You are now a student in our programs.

Welcome to Nebrija!

Direct access to the 2nd year of the degree / Record Transfer

Vocational training students can change schools if they wish.

What do you need?

In order to enroll in our Institute, you must request the Certificate of Incomplete Studies at the registrar's office in your center of origin. This official document gathers the professional modules that you have passed, and if you have any pending modules, it indicates the examination session that were used up.

Remember, you have 4 examination sessions to pass each subject or module, in the case of the FCT the examination sessions are reduced to 2.

This document is mandatory when managing your enrollment in our center.

Once we have it, from the registrar's office, we will take care of requesting the transfer of the record from the center of origin.

Scholarships and grants

Since this is regulated and official education, studying at the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training will allow you to access the following scholarships

Nebrija Institutes Study Grants! Don't miss out on this opportunity

At Nebrija Institutes we want to provide students with access to Advanced Vocational Training Programs. For this reason, payment terms are offered, which can be divided into 10 monthly installments, without added interest and without bank intermediation, and study Grants.

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Public Scholarships

Ministry of Education Scholarship - MEC Scholarships

Application period closed for academic year 24-25


The deadline to submit the scholarship application for both university and non-university studies will be from March 19, 2024 to May 10, 2024, at 15:00h GMT+1.

Complete information and/or applications:


Compatible with Nebrija Study Grants

Second Chance Scholarship - SEOP Scholarships

Application period pending call for the 2024-25 academic year

More information:


Compatible with Nebrija Study Grants

Community of Madrid Scholarship - CAM Scholarships

Application period pending call for the 2024-25 academic year

Scholarships for the study of Advanced Vocational Training in private centers authorized by the Community of Madrid.

More information


Compatible with our Study Grants.

Corporate Scholarships