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Authorized center nº 28080426 Consejería de Educación - Comunidad de Madrid

Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training


5th Call for Dualiza Grants

The Call for Dualiza Grants and FPEmpresa promotes VT projects de centros educativos que cuentan con la colaboración de las empresasof educational centers that have the collaboration of companies.

In the project presented by the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training, which was selected in this 5th Call, the innovation, impact on the territory, sustainability and transferability of the knowledge generated were evaluated.


Among the specific objectives of our project, are:

  • The training of the students of the Advanced Vocational Training Program on Development of Multiplatform Applications of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training, regarding the tools and technologies necessary for the development of an educational solution in virtual reality.
  • The development of a virtual reality application that reduces the accident rate in the workplace, increases motivation in learning and improves understanding of the maintenance tasks of a solar plant without exposure to risks.
  • The training of Vocational Training students in renewable energies, through a friendly and realistic environment, which will allow the maintenance process to be reproduced virtually.
  • Provide visibility and value to the work carried out by Advanced Vocational Training students from the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training.
  • Develop an intermodular connection between the students of Computer Science and Communications and those of the Advanced Degree in Marketing and Advertising. The latter will be responsible for preparing the graphic image of the project, as well as reports, presentations and articles for the dissemination of the 3DOM brand.
  • Collaboration with the Instituto IES Javier Garcia Téllez in Cáceres, which will write extra information and review documentation written by the 3DOM team.