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Advanced Vocational Training Program in Administration and Finance + Official Certification Sage

Senior Technical Officer in Administration and Finance

  • The Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training offers one of the programs that is most demanded by students, Senior Technical Officer in Administration and Finance.
  • With this program, you will be able to choose the sector you would like to work in thanks to its transversality.
  • You will learn accounting and finance, human resources, office IT, sales and marketing and logistics so that you can then choose in what you would like to specialize.
  • Practical education with a project-based methodology and Intermodular Project.
  • You can continue your studies by accessing the Bachelor's Degree in Business Creation, Administration and Management (CADE), or the Bachelor's in Economics and International Business, with the possibility of validating your ECTS credits.

CAM, MEC and
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Area:Administration and Management

Duration:2000 hours
(2 academic years, including Work Center Training)


Methodology: ◦ Online
◦ Face-to-face (Madrid)


If you want to get a head start in the future... choose to get there faster! Do not miss this opportunity and request information to study an Advanced Training Program in Administration and Finance with us.

This Program of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training will turn you into a professional capable of:

  • Organizing and executing the management and administration operations in the commercial, labor, accounting, fiscal and financial processes of a public or private company, applying current regulations and quality management protocols, managing information, ensuring customer and/or user satisfaction, and acting in accordance with occupational risk prevention and environmental protection regulations.

Curriculum of the Advanced Training Program in Administration and Finance of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training:

The professional modules of this Advanced Training Program are the following:

First Year

  • 200 h | Communication and customer service
  • 135 h | Management of legal and business documentation
  • 160 h | English
  • 200 h | Office IT and information processing
  • 200 h | Comprehensive process of commercial activity
  • 105 h | Human resources and corporate social responsibility

Second Year

  • 120 h | Accounting and taxation
  • 90 h   | Training and career counseling
  • 50 h   | Human resources management
  • 120 h | Financial management
  • 80 h   | Logistics and commercial management
  • 140 h | Business simulation
  • 30 h   | Administration and Finance Project

TOTAL: 2000h

+ Official Sage Certification You will receive complementary training in Sage 50 and NominaPlus, which will allow you to obtain their official certification.



  • Process documents or internal/external communications in the company's information circuits.
  • Prepare documents and communications based on orders received, information obtained and/or needs detected.
  • Detect the company's various types of administrative or management needs, based on the analysis of the available information and the environment.
  • Propose lines of action aimed at improving the efficiency of the administrative processes in which the student intervenes.
  • Classify, record and file communications and documents according to the appropriate techniques and the parameters established in the company.
  • Manage business administrative processing processes in relation to the commercial, financial, accounting and tax fields, with an integral perspective.
  • Carry out the accounting and fiscal management of the company, according to the administrative processes and procedures, applying current regulations and in conditions of safety and quality.
  • Supervise treasury management, the raising of financial resources and the feasibility of investment projects, following the established rules and protocols.
  • Apply the administrative processes established in the selection, hiring, training and development of Human Resources, adjusting to current regulations and business policy.
  • Organize and supervise the administrative management of company personnel, adhering to current labor regulations and established protocols.
  • Carry out the administrative management of commercial processes, carrying out documentation tasks and negotiation activities with suppliers, and provide advice and connection with the client.
  • Attend to clients/users in the administrative and commercial field, ensuring established quality levels and adjusting to ethical criteria and the image of the company/institution.
  • Process and carry out the administrative management in submitting documents to different organizations and public administrations, in the required time and form.

Career Opportunities

Work as:

  • Office administrative assistant.
  • Commercial administrative assistant.
  • Financial administrative assistant.
  • Accounting administrative assistant.
  • Logistics administrative assistant.
  • Banking and insurance administrative assistant.
  • Human Resources administrative assistant.
  • Administrative assistant for Public Administration.
  • Administrative assistant of legal, accounting, labor, tax or business consultancies.
  • Technician in collection management.
  • Customer service manager.

Continue studying:

  • Direct access to study any other advanced training program, under the established admission conditions.
  • Direct access to studies leading to university bachelor's degrees, including those from Nebrija University, under the established admission conditions.
  • Recognition of credits for the university bachelor's degrees, according to government regulations.
University Bachelor’s Degree Recognized*
C-ADE - Business Creation, Administration and Management 60 ECTS
Economics and International Business 42 ECTS
Law 42 ECTS
Journalism 40 ECTS
Advertising and Public Relations 42 ECTS
Marketing 66 ECTS
*These recognitions may be modified when a new curriculum is presented.