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Estudiante del Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior en Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web programando

Advanced Training Program in Web Application Development + Official Certification Oracle

Senior Technical Officer in Web Application Development

  • The Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training offers you the best way to guarantee your employability: learning to program.
  • Spain is the 4th country that exports the most digital talent in Europe.
  • Program with languages such as: JAVA, HTML5/CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, PYTHON, C#.
  • Use Frameworks: Angular, React, Node, Laravel, Spring.
  • Develop databases: SQL, MONGODB, Firebase.
  • Practical education with project-based methodology and an Intermodular Project.
  • Take advantage of our agreements with the most representative companies in the sector to carry out internships.
  • You can continue your studies by accessing a Computer Engineering Degree.

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Area:IT and Communications

Methodology: ◦ Online
◦ Face-to-face (Madrid)

Duration:2000 hours
(2 academic years, including Work Center Training)



If you want to get a head start in the future... choose to get there faster! Don’t miss this opportunity and request information to study in an Advanced Vocational Training Program in WAD with us.

This Program of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training will turn students into professionals who can:

  • Develop, implement and maintain applications in Web environments.
  • Program on the Web with different languages.
  • Work in the world of Blockchain and Cloud Computing.

Curriculum of the Advanced Training Program in Web Application Development of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training:

The professional modules of this Advanced Training Program are the following:

First Year

  • 205 h | Databases
  • 90 h   | Development Environments
  • 90 h   | Training and career counseling
  • 140 h | Markup language and information management systems
  • 270 h | Programming
  • 205 h | Information systems

Second Year

  • 115 h | Client-side web development
  • 180 h | Server-side web development
  • 85 h   | Deployment of web applications
  • 115 h | Web interface design
  • 65 h   | Business and Entrepreneurship
  • 40 h   | English
  • 30 h   | Web Application Development Project

TOTAL: 2000h

+ Official Oracle Certification You will receive complementary training that will allow you to obtain an official certification.



The professional, personal and social competences of this degree are as follows:

  • Configure and operate computer systems, adapting the logical configuration of the system according to the needs of use and the established criteria.
  • Apply techniques and procedures related to security in systems, services and applications, complying with the security plan.
  • Manage application servers, adapting their configuration in each case to allow the deployment of web applications.
  • Manage databases, interpreting their logical design and verifying data integrity, consistency, security and accessibility.
    • Develop web applications with access to databases using languages, access objects and mapping tools adapted to the specifications.
    • Integrate content into the logic of a web application, developing data access components adapted to the specifications.
    • Develop interfaces in web applications according to a style manual, using markup languages and web standards.
    • Develop multimedia components for their integration in web applications, using specific tools and following the established specifications.
    • Integrate multimedia components in the interface of a web application, analyzing interactivity, accessibility and usability of the application.
    • Develop and integrate software components in the web server environment, using specific tools and languages, to meet the specifications of the application.
    • Develop services to integrate their functions into other web applications, ensuring their functionality.
    • Integrate services and content distributed in web applications, ensuring their functionality.
    • Complete test plans verifying the operation of the developed software components, according to the specifications.
    • Prepare and maintain the documentation of the development processes, using documentation generation and version control tools.
    • Deploy and distribute web applications in different areas of implementation, verifying their behavior and making modifications.
    • Manage and/or perform the maintenance of the resources in their area based on the workloads and the maintenance plan.
    • Adapt to new work situations, keeping up to date with scientific, technical and technological knowledge related to their professional environment, managing their training and existing resources in lifelong learning, and using information and communication technologies.
    • Resolve situations, problems or eventualities with initiative and autonomy in the field of their competence, with creativity, innovation and a spirit of improvement in personal work and that of other team members.
    • Organize and coordinate work teams, supervising their development, responsibly, maintaining smooth relationships and assuming leadership, as well as providing solutions to group conflicts that arise.
    • Communicate with their peers, superiors, clients and people under their responsibility using effective means of communication, transmitting the appropriate information or knowledge, and respecting the autonomy and competence of the people who intervene in the field of their work.
    • Generate safe environments in the development of their work and that of their team, supervising and applying the procedures for the prevention of occupational and environmental risks in accordance with the provisions of the regulations and the company's objectives.
    • Supervise and apply quality management procedures, universal accessibility and design for all in the professional activities included in the production or service provision processes.
    • Perform basic management for the creation and operation of a small business and take initiative in their professional activity with a sense of social responsibility.
    • Exercise their rights and comply with the obligations derived from their professional activity, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation, actively participating in economic, social and cultural life.

Career opportunities

Work as:

The most relevant occupations and jobs are:

  • Web programmer.
  • Multimedia programmer.
  • Application developer in Web environments.

Continue studying: