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Advanced Training Program in Marketing and Advertising+ Advantages of Club de Creativos Club de Creativos

Senior Technical Officer in Marketing and Advertising

  • With the theoretical and practical training of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training, you will become a professional capable of defining the communication and marketing policies and strategies of any advertising campaign or action, with special emphasis on Digital Marketing.
  • Do you search for information on the internet? Do you use social networks? Do you analyze the ads? Or do you consider yourself good at public relations? Then this is the right program for you.
  • Choose what type of companies in the sector you want to work for: advertising agencies, e-commerce, digital consulting, social networks, communication or public relations.
  • Be part of the marketing, commercial or customer service departments of a company.
  • You can continue your studies by accessing the University Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or in Advertising, validating ECTS credits.

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Area:Commerce and Marketing

Duration:2000 hours
(2 academic years, including Work Center Training)


Methodology: ◦ Online
◦ Face-to-face (Madrid)


If you want to get a head start in the future... choose to get there faster! Study an Advanced Vocational Training Program in Marketing and Advertising at Nebrija.

This Program of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training will turn you into a professional who can:

  • Define and monitor marketing policies based on business studies and promoting and advertising products and/or services in the appropriate communication media and supports, preparing the necessary advertising materials.

Curriculum of the Advanced Training Program in Marketing and Advertising of the Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training:

The professional modules of this Advanced Training Program are the following:

First Year

  • 160 h | English
  • 210 h | Economic and financial management of the company
  • 195 h | Marketing policies
  • 195 h | Digital marketing
  • 130 h | Commercial research
  • 90 h   | Training and career counseling

Second Year

  • 150 h | Design and development of communication material
  • 100 h | Media and communication supports
  • 100 h | Public relations and organization of marketing events
  • 100 h | Trabajo de campo en la investigación comercial
  • 85 h   | Launch of products and services
  • 85 h   | Customer, consumer and user service
  • 30 h   | Marketing and Advertising Project

TOTAL: 2000h


  • Carry out the necessary steps for the creation and start-up of a commercial company, planning and managing how to obtain the necessary financial resources that will ensure the company's economic and financial profitability.
  • Assist in the development and monitoring of marketing policies and plans, analyzing the marketing mix variables in order to achieve the business objectives defined by the company.
  • Plan and develop digital marketing actions, managing web pages and communication systems through the Internet, to achieve the marketing objectives and the company's e-commerce policy.
  • Obtain, analyze and organize reliable market information, applying statistical techniques and establishing an effective information system (MIS), which serves as support in defining business strategies and making marketing decisions.
  • Organize groups of surveyors and/or interviewers and carry out surveys and/or interviews, planning the field work and using the established techniques and procedures, to meet the objectives set in the commercial research plan.
  • Design the company's public relations policy and organize and manage marketing and communication events, interpreting the briefing, hiring suppliers, actors and agents, attending, directing and supervising the events, to comply with the provisions of the communication policy of the plan of marketing.
  • Manage customer care and information services and customer, consumer and user complaints and claims, providing quality service to achieve full customer satisfaction and the transmission of the company's or organization's good image.
  • Prepare the company's advertising media plan, combining them appropriately, and monitor and control them to achieve their execution and effectiveness.
  • Manage the launch and implementation of products and/or services in the market, applying appropriate marketing strategies and promotional actions, in accordance with the provisions of the marketing plan of the company or organization.
  • Prepare advertising and information materials, respecting current regulations on advertising, and using editing and design techniques and computer applications in various media, to disseminate them according to the scheduled plans.
  • Communicate fluently in English, both verbally and in writing, with all operators and organizations involved in commercial operations.
  • Supervise and apply quality management procedures, universal accessibility and "design for all", in the professional activities included in the processes of production or provision of services.

Career Opportunities

Work as:

  • Marketing technician.
  • Marketing technician.
  • Public relations technician.
  • Organizer of marketing and communication events.
  • Technician in market research and public opinion.
  • Media Planner.
  • SEO/SEM specialist.
  • Community Manager.
  • Copywriter.
  • Creative Designer.

Continue studying:

  • Direct access to study any other advanced training program, under the established admission conditions.
  • Direct access to studies leading to university bachelor's degrees, including those from Nebrija University, under the established admission conditions
  • Recognition of credits for the university bachelor's degrees, according to government regulations.
University Bachelor’s Degree Recognized*
Marketing 66 ECTS
Advertising and Public Relations 48 ECTS
Corporate Communication, Protocol and Event Organization 36 ECTS
*These recognitions may be modified when a new curriculum is presented.