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Alumnos de FP Nebrija

Dual Advanced Training Program in Cross-platform Application Development and Web Application Development + Official Certification Oracle

Official Dual Degree: Senior Technical Officer in Cross-platform Application Development + Senior Technical Officer in Web Application Development

  • The Nebrija Institute for Vocational Training offers the possibility of obtaining an advanced dual Vocational Training degree in three years.
  • In just one year if you already have a degree as a Senior Technical Officer in Web Application Development.
  • Learn to program. You will be able to implement your applications on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices and servers.
  • Broaden your professional competences and improve your employability.
  • Take advantage of our agreements with the most representative companies in the sector to carry out your internship.

CAM, MEC and
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Area:IT and Communications

Duration:1 or 3 academic years
Depending on your degree


Methodology: ◦ Online
◦ Face-to-face (Madrid)


If you want to get a head start in the future... choose to get there faster! Get a dual official degree in CAD and WAP at Nebrija.

Curriculum of the Dual Advanced Training Program

Both Advanced Training Programs share the first professional module; specialization takes place during the second year:

First Year in common

  • 205 h | Databases
  • 90 h   | Development Environments
  • 90 h   | Training and career counseling
  • 140 h | Markup language and information management systems
  • 270 h | Programming
  • 205 h | Information systems

Second Year

Cross-platform Application Development (CAD)
  • 120 h | Data access
  • 120 h | Interface development
  • 65 h   | Business and Entrepreneurship
  • 40 h   | Technical English for Advanced Training Program
  • 80 h   | Programming of services and processes
  • 80 h   | Programming of multimedia and mobile devices
  • 95 h   | Business management systems
  • 30 h   | Cross-platform Application Development Project

Second Year

Web Application Development (WAD)
  • 115 h | Client-side web development
  • 180 h | Server-side web development
  • 85 h   | Deployment of web applications
  • 115 h | Web interface design
  • 65 h   | Business and Entrepreneurship
  • 40 h   | English
  • 30 h   | Web Application Development Project

Validated if you have already finished one of the training programs.

Double your chances
of finding a job.

+ Official Oracle Certification You will receive complementary training that will allow you to obtain an official certification.


Career Opportunities

Work as:

The most relevant occupations and jobs are:

  • Web programmer.
  • Multimedia programmer.
  • Developing computer applications for business and business management.
  • Developing general purpose applications.
  • Developing applications in the field of entertainment and mobile computing.
  • Developing applications in web environments.

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